Association of Independent Medical-Legal Consultants 

Association of Independent Medical-Legal Consultants
"Expert Witness" quality physicians: Why not choose the best?
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AIMLegal Consulting is in response to the plethora of really marginal 
physicians running cannabis mills, and especially some chains owned by 
laypeople (generally illegal) who steer business to certain doctors 
for a fee or other valuable consideration (generally illegal AND 

I am subtitling my group: 
"Expert Witness" quality physicians: Why not choose the best?

However,  I may take a cue from Blue Diamond Almonds campaign: 
"A can a week; That's all we ask" 
and say 
"50% is all we ask." 
I expect to have the best doctors signing on with me, and list them on 
AIMLegal physician locator: 
and that these best few will eventually get 50% of all cannabis 
consultations in California, and perhaps all 14 cannabis states.

I'll bet that soon, I can say 
"80% is all we ask", but hey, I'm only one doctor so far.

Looking for the few, the best. 
My listing will be a limited list of the most ethical, the most 
credible, THE BEST.

Remember: Tax and Regulate 2010 WILL be on California ballot in 
November, 2010: 
When it passes, perhaps 80% of cannabis consultations will disappear. 
But there will still be a need for expert testimony from credible 
physicians, in drug cases, malpractice cases, etc, and it pays well 
when one has a good reputation. 
Are you ready for that?

Medical Cannabis Seminars for Patients and Physicians

Medical Cannabis Seminars for Physicians: AIMLegal: 
for updates of next physician course